Maduraiveeraan temple at Anumanthapuram Chennai



WE the, SATHGURU SAITHAIGURU GNANALAYAM, members are dedicated to serve the so called low caste people and to make a casteless society, which we know is a Himalayan task, but we are at it, like the squirrels which helped SRI RAMA, while  constructing the SETHU BRIDGE. The numerous caste in Hinduism are being exploited by other religion to convert these dalit people to their religions Towards this as an object in mind with our meager resources, have adopted ANUMANTHAPURAM VILLAGE to provide a temple for them, and have constructed an 18 feet statue MADURAIVEERAN temple at this village, near Singaperumal koil on the bus route of TAMBARAM-CHENGULPET. To reach this village, alight at S.P.koil and from there are infrequent buses to Anumanthapuram village, which is 10 KM from there. There are share autos also to reach this village from there.

At this temple there are shrines also for PACHAI AMMAN,NATARAJA,BHIRAVAR AND KARUPPANNASAMY BESIDES SEVEN KANNIMARS. All three deities are KULADEIVAM to many people and are also called as KAVAL DEIVANGAL.

We have celebrated the first CHITRA POURNAMI FESTIVAL ON 28-4-10,kindly see the photos in photo gallery.

We are going to start our classes there, at which we will be teaching an outline of our VEDAS, UPANISHEDS, SOME IMPORTANT MANTRAS LIKE GAYATHRI etc. Besides this we will be teaching KUNDALINI YOGA, for those who show some interest, but boys and girls will be taught YOGASANA.